99 Stories That Will Revive Your Hope in Humanity

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“The acknowledgement that selfishness pervades modern life, and our inherent desire for the opposite, is the great hope for us all, and our future.  The stories in Unselfish give us great hope for the future.”

Scott Neeson, Founder and Executive Director of Cambodian Children’s Fund

“Everyone needs to GET THIS BOOK! Unselfish definitely should be on everybody’s coffee table.”

Marilu Henner, Actress, Producer, Author, Host of The Marilu Show

“What an incredible, feel good book! It only takes a minute to read a story and be completely inspired by the good in the world. This is a book that will literally give you a physical feeling of happiness.”

Al Fox Carraway, Popular Blogger, Speaker

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  • Jeffrey D. Allred/Deseret News ©2010
Jeffrey D. Allred/Deseret News ©2010

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